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Intissar Hafsi


Senior advisor


Intissar is a passionate environmental advocate and seasoned Advisor, specializing in environmental sustainability, human rights, and international humanitarian laws. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws, she holds a distinguished Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering and a license in Bioresource Management, showcasing her commitment to both environmental and humanitarian causes. Representing the African youth at COP 23, Intissar showcased her commitment to global environmental stewardship. Her role as a Diplomatic Expert at Best Diplomats allowed her to craft strategies addressing both global human rights challenges and environmental concerns, highlighting the interconnectedness of these crucial issues. In her current role at CIVIPOL/EU, Intissar plays a key role in social and economic rehabilitation programs for violent extremists post-release in Tunisia, drawing on her solid experience in policy design and program implementation. As a Research Fellow at the Committee for Open Democracy/Humanitarian Response, Intissar actively contributed to the 'Help Ukraine 22' operation, providing relief and support during the war. Her multifaceted expertise addresses emerging human rights challenges within scientific research and technological advancements. In addition to her professional endeavors, Intissar's dedication to environmental causes is evident through her leadership in the American Environmental Club, where she actively led biosafety and biosecurity projects, and her involvement in AIESEC, where she focused on environmental education and the protection of vulnerable children and populations. Her participation in the International Secretariat of Water and AIESEC showcases her commitment to environmental and humanitarian projects alike. As a moderator for sessions on climate change, she continues to be a driving force, bringing valuable insights and a wealth of experience to the forefront. Her unique blend of environmental consciousness and human rights advocacy sets her apart as a dedicated professional committed to shaping a sustainable and inclusive future.

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Nov 27, 2023
1:45 PM - 3:15 PM
Salle Omar Khlifi

Enjeux et solutions de la gestion des déchets en Tunisie

Aida Ben Hassen Trabelsi (Centre de Recherche et de Technologies de l'Energie, Professeur associé)Intissar Hafsi (Civipol, Senior advisor)Omar Kcharem (Kerkennah Plast, Fondateur )Mariem Rekik (UN-Habitat, Program manager Assistant)
1. Quels sont les défis actuels de la gestion des déchets en Tunisie ? 2. Comment promouvoir une gestion et une revalorisation durables des déchets en favorisant la circularité des ressources ? 3. Comment impulser un changement d’habitudes ? Témoignages : initiatives citoyennes et campagnes de sensibilisation